Pricing & Terms

Here are some quotes on what you can expect for a range of prices. As a disclaimer, it should be understood that these are just base quotes, and do not reflect a guaranteed price for services. Some projects may require extra time and attention, and thereby will cost more. For example, a 6-page brochure is going to require more time than a two-sided postcard flyer. Prices are subject to change at any time depending on circumstances. 

These prices reflect my own value as a designer, the quality of the work, and the professional experience that I bring to the table. 

I do offer a free consultation to start with for any project, to discuss possibilities and ideas with the client. 

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Web Graphics/Ads

5 Graphics For $150

This includes graphics for your website, social media pages, or emails. An example could be, you send out five emails a week, and need a large advertisement for each day to let customers know about a sale. You can also use the same graphics on your social media page, such as Instagram or Facebook. This could also be a banner advertising some other aspect of the business, or affiliate advertisements for blogs. Depending on the size and detail of the image, the cost could be more or less than $30 per graphic.

Logo Design

1 Logo For $100

This would include two logo concepts to choose from, and two rounds of edits coordinated with your vision. It also would include a consultation for the brand imagery, to get the best possible representation of your business. A more complex, illustrative logo would cost more, as it would require more time invested in the project. An illustrative logo is one that looks more like a digital drawing and has many details.


5 Photos For $125

This includes editing of the photos, at a rate of about $25 per photo. These are large photos that you can use on both your Instagram or Facebook, and stretched across your website. It also could be product photography, for example an item on a plain white background, great for e-commerce sites. They are also well suited for print projects, like flyers and business cards. More complex photos that require extra editing time will cost more.


$150 For 1 Hour Session

This service includes a 1 hour meeting either in-person or digitally, where we dig deep into your brand image across all platforms, and devise a plan for improving your representation. This could also include brainstorming a logo design, color concepts, and strategy for social media outreach. I would be willing to also do a half hour meeting for $75. We would enter this meeting with a plan in mind for what to accomplish within the meeting, so no time would be wasted.

Print Design

$100 Per Hour

Print products represent a wide range of items, from stationary, to business cards, flyers for mailing, and brochures. On average, depending on the complexity of the design, a dual-sided postcard flyer might cost $100 and be done in an hour's time. A business card, with a logo already prepared, could also be done within an hour. Product packaging design is something that would require more time, and the pricing for that would depend on how many packaging designs needed, and their complexity.

General Rate

$100 Per Hour

I am a fast designer, and I also create high quality work. My average rate for any project is going to be around $100/hr, depending on the scope of the project. If we are doing a project that requires a lot of time, I may be willing to adjust the rates for that accordingly. Large projects that would be more costly would be intensive photo editing for a large amount of photos (such as from an event), a complex illustrative logo, a large range of product packaging design, and a complex brochure design. In general though, most projects for a business may be around $100-$200, and will be completed and delivered quickly. Other fees that may be added on, would be if we ran through more than two rounds of edits on a project (which is not common).

Final Notes

When working with me, you can expect high quality work at a fair price! I am great at listening to a client's needs and translating that vision creatively. I hope that when we endeavor on projects together, that it is a positive experience for all. I do reserve the right to terminate a project if there are unworkable problems with the client, but let's hope it never gets to that point! I use digital payments and will email you an invoice for projects that you can easily pay online. I do expect to be paid in a timely manner, and will set expectations with you for those transactions from the outset. It is common in the design industry to ask for 50% of the payment up front, and I may make that request of you.

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