• Ashley Lentz

10 Instagram Ideas For Your Service Based Business

There's no denying it, more and more people are looking to Instagram to check out the representation and reputation of a brand. If you're not already promoting your brand on Instagram, I suggest you think about trying it, it is free promotion after all. You may even find that once you start posting, you have more to share than you thought! Here are 10 ideas for service-based businesses to get started;

1. Who Are You?

Post a photo of your staff and/or management, so that the world can get an authentic look at who works at your business. It's even more fun and relatable if you have some candid shots, like at a work party or event.

2. What Are You Proud Of?

Think about your best service that you offer to your customers, the pride and joy of your business. Is it a certain style of hair-dyeing, a detailing job on a car? Show it off, so others can get excited about what you do.

3. What Can You Show Me?

Video content is only growing bigger and bigger, but it doesn't mean you have to create a super long, extensively edited production. Short and sweet is best, how about a 1 minute video that tours your workspace? Or if you can, try recording a client giving you an authentic video review of your work. Or take some service that you might normally take a photo of, and simply do a 10 second video instead, like a customer showing off her fresh nails.

4. What Products Do You Use?

This could also be products that you sell along with your services, and this is actually a pretty quick and easy photo to take. Maybe you got a new type of oil for your massage business, simply grab a close-up photo of the product on a shelf, or in someone's hand. Maybe you got a new set of markers for your lettering business, show those off!

5. What Does The Place Look Like?

This sort of goes along with the idea of giving a tour, but, take advantage of the photography aspect, and take several photos of different spaces, which can add up to more posts on your Instagram. If you work from home, get a shot of your workspace, so clients can get an idea of where you're coming from, and your personality.

6. What Are People Saying?

Testimonials go a long way in encouraging business for your brand, why not post them to Instagram as well as your website? This can be just a graphic post, text on a colorful background, which you could make yourself or have a designer create for you. Once you have a template with your brand colors, post this between photos to create an eye-catching grid layout.

7. What Do You Want To Say?

In the same vein as idea #6, take a text graphic and put your own words into it, or a quote you love. Quotes are popular because they connect people emotionally, it also shows a side of your humanity, rather than just being focused on business promotion. Maybe you offer counseling services, and want to share encouraging words with your clients, who will in turn want to follow your content for that support. Share a joke, share a cause, share a feeling!

8. What Else Do You Do?

I would say, don't focus on this one too much in case it gets too off-topic for people, but, if you ran a 5K for a cause you're proud of, that might be fun to share, to show more dimensions of what you care about. By showing how you're interacting and supporting causes in your community, you could also gain more business through those connections.

9. What Can You Teach Us?

This could be a text graphic with a short "advice" phrase and more explanation in the description, or a photo of a scenario you'd like to educate others on. You don't need to go into heavy detail, because, let's face it, people scrolling don't have time for that. Maybe you run an auto body shop, and want to remind people of what can happen if you don't keep up with oil changes. Maybe there's an interesting photo of a "gone wrong" situation or a comparison of what a customer could have after getting your service done. Before and after, live and learn!

10. What Will You Do In The Future?

Are you adding a new space onto your brick and mortar business? It might be interesting for your followers to see how you are expanding, and what you might offer in the future. If you found out about some technology that you will add to your range of services, don't be shy about sharing that. Get people excited about where you're going!

If you want to learn more about Instagram posts for your brand, shoot me an email at ashleylentzdesign@gmail.com!