• Ashley Lentz

5 Basic Images To Start Your Business

Are you creating a new website for your business? Or branching out on social media? Start with these 5 ways to begin showcasing your brand;

Note - if you are taking your own photos, it is tempting to want to just use your phone. However, it is more worthwhile to invest in a few large, high quality images that you can rely on to work across different platforms. Hire a photographer to help you get started!

1. General Photo

This is sort of the bare minimum photo you could pop into all of your accounts on Day 1, from your site to social media handles. Maybe if you're a jewelry designer, start off with a large photo of one of your best creations, on an interesting background. If you're a fitness trainer, maybe it's a photo of you helping a client. Think of this like a great photo you would use as a backdrop banner on your website, or use as the cover photo of your Facebook page. Try to choose an image that encompasses what your brand is all about, especially your brand colors, subjects, etc.

2. Your Logo

Do you have one? While the cost of a logo design can vary between designers, the price difference generally comes down to the kind of detail you are looking for in a logo. If you want it to look more like an illustration/cartoon than a symbol, it'll cost more. It's no big deal to get a simple logo for your business for around $100. If you're hesitant to invest in a logo, think about how often you'll use your logo on all your branding, it is really important. A simple but well-designed logo can help your customers remember your brand, and distinguish it from others. Plus, if you don't like your logo at the start, you can always redesign it later, nothing is set in stone forever.

3. Photo Of You, The Business Owner

This is a feature for your "about me" page, or, "why work with me" callout, it helps your customer get an idea of who is behind the brand. It shows that there is a real person working there, especially if people are only finding your business for the first time through a Google search, or via social media. Most people will Google a business before engaging with them, they'd certainly rather put a human face to the name, instead of just reading some text. This can also be your "logo" or icon on your social media pages or website, depending on your design.

4. Photo Of Your Business Space

A lot of businesses will take a photo of the exterior of their brick and mortar business, you could also grab a photo of the lobby, checkout area, or service areas. This is great for your Google presence, it can give the customer an idea of what to expect in the environment. By having this photo done yourself, you can control how people perceive the space on first (online) impression. If you don't operate in a physical location, maybe think about showing a photo of you working someplace else, like, you and your laptop at a cafe, or at home.

5. Images For Categories Of Your Products Or Services

When you're setting up your website, you may have sections for different categories of what you do or offer. Try starting with three or four categories, and a photo for each of those categories to start. For example, if you are a makeup artist, maybe you have a section for wedding makeup, a section for prom makeup, and a section for tanning services. Grab a few generic photos for those sections, just to differentiate their meaning and catch the eye of the visitor to your site. Another option is to create text graphics that have the title of the category, if you're short on time and want to get the site up fast.

Use any and all of these types of images on your social media sites as well, they don't have to be just for your website!

If you are interested in learning more about images for your business, send me an email at ashleylentzdesign@gmail.com!