• Ashley Lentz

5 Freedoms Of Freelancing

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

So you're thinking about freelancing! It is a big leap, and can be a major lifestyle change. Here are 5 freedoms you can enjoy, for better or worse, when you embrace freelancing. I added in "flipsides" of these freedoms, in case you are wondering if it might not suit your personality or working style.

1. Financial Freedom

You will decide how much money you make, and it's true that there is probably an average income that most freelancers achieve. However, when you're going out on your own, you have the ability to decide how much your services are worth, you can give yourself a raise as your skills grow. You decide your own worth, rather than waiting for someone else to see your worth and compensate you for it.

The Flipside - it can be intimidating to think about working without the same, dutiful payment in your bank account at the same time every week

2. Time Freedom

You now have the flexibility, depending on your service and the structure of your business, to make it to that 3pm yoga class if you want to. You can rearrange your working hours to suit your lifestyle, work later into the day if you like. Taking a few breaks between work, such as pausing every 45 minutes, is now possible if that's how you work best.

The Flipside - if you can't structure your own time responsibly, you might find it hard to be productive during the day

3. Environmental Freedom

Your home office can be as unique as you are, by including your favorite candles, preferred lighting, and favorite music. You have the ability to create a space where you work best, rather than being left to deal with the standards of another office. This is especially helpful for empaths!

The Flipside - if you get too comfortable, you might not get as much work done, or, you might procrastinate on work while you're setting the "perfect mood"

4. Mental Freedom

You're now responsible for calling the shots on your business, which, if you're the type of person looking for this element of control, it's great. You choose where and how you do business, you decide how your business is going to proceed, how it is represented. There's nobody telling you "how the company does things" or making those decisions for you.

The Flipside - if you are afraid of making big decisions and prefer being assigned work, you might not have the motivation to make moves to expand your business

5. Social Freedom

You can choose the clients or businesses that you wish to work with, and network with the communities you are most interested in. Your working peers will be chosen by you, rather than left to whoever you're placed in an office with. With working from home as well, you have the space of choosing when you want to engage in social interactions or not, which is great for introverts.

The Flipside - if you crave social interactions in your workday, you may not love working from home by yourself, however co-working spaces are always an option

Even if you only dip a toe into freelancing on the weekends, just experiencing this different kind of work structure in small amounts can be motivating enough to want to go full time. For me, running my own business is something I always wanted, but for a while wasn't confident enough in myself to see through. Now that I am in my thirties, I feel like I am the best version of myself, and I decide how I want my daily work to be structured.

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